discover you – scissor & thread – nov 2016

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discover_you   Having made his label introduction with his remix of label newcomer Villete's "Rillia", DaRand Land gets to spread out and show off his unique brand of euphoric and uplifting deep house on his debut EP for the label, 'Discover You'. The title track is classic DaRand Land, with bright piano chords, buzzing organs and a thick Chicago house bass line. Siren-like pads fade in and out from the periphery, as electrifying percussion elements come into play. Frank & Tony take a turn and apply their signature style onto the former track, adding a chunkier kick with bright as day claps and hi-hats to propel the track through the opalescent haze draped over the melodic elements. On the flip, "Marcela's Sense" is a blissed out, head down late night affair. Cosmic pads swirl around glistening keys and repressed organ chords, as toms bounce among the steady hi-hat ride, lulling the listener into a state of euphoria. The EP closes out with the atmospheric, peak time Detroit house cut, "Souls Awash". A serpentine bass line runs the show amidst swelling pads and in-your-face kicks and percussion. As with all of his productions, the track shines in the smaller details that float in and out of focus throughout, lending the track's weightier elements an even greater sense of gravitas.

heaven electric pt.2 – pulp – oct 2016

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13920718_1103307289723586_6922979478492639902_n   "DaRand Land" finally follows up on his Heaven Electric EP that first surfaced through PULP in late 2014. This time around, the package contains another 3 original cut + a super breezy remix by Scotsman "Linkwood".

villete – girl next door ep – sep 2016

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villete   "The EP closes with the murky drum tones of “Rillia”. Droning pads, delicate claps, and a shy, skittering shaker keep things bubbling and light above the track’s thicker than molasses kicks. Deep house maestro Darand Land takes his turn on the aforementioned track, lifting it out of the murk and straight up to the heavens and drenching it in his sun-kissed, euphoric style."

dark city ensemble – past life connection ep – july 2016

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R-8780766-1468631695-6274.jpeg Dark City Ensemble - the collaborative effort of Chris Gray and Darand Land. Best known for their sought-after works on the cult label deep4life, present four recovered tracks from the archives. All material contained in this 12” was originally produced during the D4L/Sound Principle era and possesses the emotive overtones that captured the minds of that special period. discogs info..

exposure to form ep – confluence records

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explosure to form listen.. --- Paris based Confluence records is entering the music scene with a stunning 4 track EP from true deep house scientist Darand Land. On this debut Land provides his very own interpretation of the Confluence concept. The result is a beautiful project that takes the listener to another sphere of consciousness, through a cosmic journey filled with intense feelings & emotions. A vinyl only release of 300 copies coming with artwork from Aurelien Farina, a French graphic-designer who adds his vision of Confluence's concept to this Exposure to Form EP. The definition of confluence is the junction of two rivers and the act or process of merging. This new label aims at highlighting a wide musical spectrum, gathering different styles of electronic music. Above all it aims to enhance today's vinyl music scene, by carefully selecting emotive electronica whose quality is reflected in the highly considered and accompanying artwork.

chris gray – from fear to fantasia ep – feb 2016

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12235082_948225878565062_1409102548381994022_n listen.. providing support in the form of a remix... ----- Chicago based Chris Gray has appeared on multiple releases throughout the 90s and the new millennium. While some of his most appreciated works have been published through his own imprint Deep4Life. For the next PULP release, Chris gets deep and melodious with some funked out synths whilst maintaining that lush deep atmosphere that has proven to be his signature mode. FF-Fear is the emotive opener for the 12’’. A vast amount of cosmic goodness can be found throughout. PULP usual suspect ‘’DaRand Land’’ offers a spellbinding remix which takes one into deep territories through it’s repetitive and lush composition. FF-Freedom is the flipside opener, and another Chris Gray original. Again, a melodic trip to places unknown is offered. FF-Fantasia is a more firm approach to the Chris Gray sound. Interesting key changes which show the compositional capabilities of the artist appear throughout. A very interesting break takes one back to the very essence of house music.