chris gray – from fear to fantasia ep – feb 2016




providing support in the form of a remix…


Chicago based Chris Gray has appeared on multiple releases throughout the 90s and the new millennium. While some of his most appreciated works have been published through his own imprint Deep4Life.
For the next PULP release, Chris gets deep and melodious with some funked out synths whilst maintaining that lush deep atmosphere that has proven to be his signature mode.

FF-Fear is the emotive opener for the 12’’. A vast amount of cosmic goodness can be found throughout. PULP usual suspect ‘’DaRand Land’’ offers a spellbinding remix which takes one into deep territories through it’s repetitive and lush composition.

FF-Freedom is the flipside opener, and another Chris Gray original. Again, a melodic trip to places unknown is offered. FF-Fantasia is a more firm approach to the Chris Gray sound. Interesting key changes which show the compositional capabilities of the artist appear throughout.

A very interesting break takes one back to the very essence of house music.